What My Family Thinks Of My Doll Hobby

Today’s post was inspired by questions I received for my recent Q&A Video with Reborn Daddy. Thank you so much to all of my Instagram followers who submitted questions; it was fun to answer them! :) So, what does my family think of my Reborn, Blythes and BJDs? In general, they are OK or indifferent to it. For the most part, they are a loving and supportive toward me (and anything ... Read the Post

Dollie Plans, Video Games and What I’m Doing

Happy Friday, Dollie lovers! I have made it through another work week and I welcome the weekend with open arms. :) I hope everyone has a had a great week, as well. I wanted to check in and let you all know my thoughts and tell you what I've been up to. Future Dollie Adoption Plans I have no immediate plans for my Blythe doll collection or BJDs, but I always day dream about expanding! ... Read the Post

Happy International Lolita Day 2019

Today is a fun day for me, it is International Lolita Day! If you've been following me for awhile, you know that I have wanted to get into the Japanese street fashion of Lolita for a long time. As of October last year, I acquired my first dress in this fashion and I have been giggly with happiness ever since. This is my first time celebrating ILD, so I am pretty excited about ... Read the Post