World’s End Club: First Impressions

Over this past long weekend, I got enough free time to dig into some new games I had been saving. I started with Bioshock. A couple of months ago this 3-game trilogy was on deep discount in the Nintendo Eshop. For the same price and a little patience, I was able to get a hard copy of it from a seller on Ebay. I love a good hard copy game! I enjoyed my dive into this game series, but I'll save that ... Read the Post

Custom Rainbow High Dolls

I've posted on my YouTube channel quite a bit about my growing fashion doll collection of Rainbow High dolls, but I am just now realizing I hadn't shared anything about them here! Let's change that, today :) If you want to check out the six core-characters from the Rainbow High doll line and online animated series, view them in my Dolls Gallery. For starters, Rainbow High is a mass produced ... Read the Post

Nintendo Switch Favorites: April 2021

Nintendo Switch Games I have mentioned Story of Seasons: Pioneer Town quite a few times in my latest it's no brainer that it ends up on my April Favorites. I'll also throw in the new Cozy Grove, although I haven't logged as many hours there as I'd like (yet!) Since these are the only ones I've been playing lately, this list isn't a list at all. :) Nintendo Switch ... Read the Post