Finding The Right BJD

Lately, between discussions in my local BJD community group on Facebook and threads in the Den of Angels forum, there has been a lot of conversation in regards to finding the right BJD. What do I mean by this? Well...let's talk about it! Just like in the reborn doll hobby, there are many independent sculptors who work with companies that cast their sculpts into vinyl doll parts; the same is ... Read the Post

Making Temporary BJD Eyes!

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone! The festivities are still happening over at Den of Angels and I decided to join in on this fun contest. The challenge is to create a pair of BJD eyes out of whatever materials you can find. In the BJD hobby it is common for collectors to make due with what they have and make, what they don't! This is one reason I wanted to learn more about this hobby; to ... Read the Post

Happy 15th Anniversary, DoA

This past Monday, was such an exciting #HappyMail day for me! I have been participating in the Den of Angels 15th Anniversary newbie events, hosted on the forum. If you're not familiar, DoA is an online forum just for ball jointed doll owners, creators, and dealers/companies. The website is a treasure trove of information on doll companies, faces ups, doll clothing sewing, and much more. If anyone ... Read the Post