My Ball Jointed Doll Mei Mei

About two weeks ago, I shared my video Unboxing: My First SD Size BJD, in which I shared happy mail for my two new large sized ball jointed doll girls. Today, I am introducing one of my girls to you as her look is now fully complete! I'm so happy with how she came Shout out to my fiancé for helping me choose a sweet name for her :) Meet my BJD SD girl, Mei-mei Since the box opening, the ... Read the Post

Reborn Photography Tips for Beginners

I was just thinking about the early beginnings of when I first started collecting reborn dolls and blogging about them. I had so much fun (and still do!) taking photos and then creating posts. Today I wanted to share a few tips that I'd like to pass on to other doll collectors, in getting that perfect reborn baby photoshoot! Here's also an excuse to share some adorable new photos I took of Hayden ... Read the Post

My New SD Size Ball Jointed Dolls

It's Monday! That means a new video has been posted to my YouTube channel, DollieLovex3. Over the past few weeks I have been doing my best to upload every Monday. Sometimes I will feature a "bonus" throughout the week, but it's important that I stick to this newfound schedule. I want to make time for the things I enjoy doing around my responsibilities as an adult (bleh :P ), so sticking to a ... Read the Post