Summer photoshoot with Emiko

One of my favorite things about collecting reborn dolls is taking photos. My preferred setting is outdoor photos with natural light; just me, my camera of choice, baby and some nice sun! This weekend I was fortunate to have the perfect weather for a backyard photoshoot. I miss creating more photo-posts like these so I hope they become more routine. Naturally, that all depends on the weather! I ... Read the Post

Welcome home, Emiko Yuna

Baby Emiko on her first night home..just after her box opening video shoot! Today marks exactly one week since Emiko arrived home to me. Life has been kicking me in the butt as of late, so I have been slow to update my blog, social media and YouTube. Nevertheless, here I am and I want to introduce my sweet Emiko Yuna. My last few posts have been Work in Progress tidbits about Emiko's ... Read the Post

Update: My Doll Collection 2021

In the last few weeks I have come to realize my extracurricular hobbies are taking up a lot of my funds that could go towards other things (and hobbies!) For the rest of the year I have committed to a no-buy in order to replenish savings and square away small debts. That includes no doll accessories, either! *pray for me* Reborn Dolls With the arrival of Emiko Yuna, I have completed all of ... Read the Post