What are BJD Artist Dolls?

Update 06/27/20 Ultimately I have decided not to participate in the preorder of Danni, however I still await some pretty exciting dolls to come to my collection! I will leave this post live for educational purposes on Art Dolls. Pictured here is artist/sculptor Rebekah Palmer (Rap1993)'s BJD "Danni" under the brand Resin Play Things. Happy Friday eve, dollie lovers! This week was my first ... Read the Post

My Favorite Reborn Accessories

Happy weekend, everyone! One of my favorite things about collecting reborn dolls (and dolls in general) is the dress-up aspect! I take great enjoyment in browsing the baby clothing section for the latest kid's fashion or checking out my favorite ball jointed doll company homepage for recent doll clothing they have debuted. Today, I thought I would share a few of my favorite accessories I have ... Read the Post

Welcome Home, Mila: A Reborn Adoption Story

Happy weekend, to you all! :) What better way to start off my weekend, than with the welcoming of a new reborn baby to my doll collection?! When the year started, I never expected to add more than one reborn babe to the bunch...Here it is April and I've gotten not one but two reborn baby girls in this month! I am so grateful I was able to do so. I wanted to share a little background on how ... Read the Post