5 Tips For Giving Your Doll The Perfect Name

I will admit, it is not always easy in finding the right name for your beloved mini me of a doll. Most often, names that you may like are over used, or worse, remind you of something (or someone) that isn't so pleasant. Since I am going through the same process with my new ball jointed dolls, I wanted to share some tips on how I name my dolls! Tip #1 Inspiration This may sound like an odd ... Read the Post

Doll Fashion: Bad Gal Style & Shopping For BJDs

I'm so excited that some of the clothing pieces that I ordered are finally starting to come in the mail. One of the only down sides to having a ball jointed doll collection, is having to wait quite awhile. Not only are you waiting a minimum of 2 months for a doll to arrive, but you can wait 30 days or more for outfit pieces to come as well. It's definitely a hobby of patience and I could stand to ... Read the Post

Doll Fashion: Building my BJD Wardrobe

One of the main reasons I wanted to jump into the ball jointed doll hobby was because of the fun customizations you can make to these dolls. My favorite type of customization is fashion; no surprise, right!? Any accessory or outfit piece that humans have, you can find for your dollies or make yourself. In the future I plan to try my hand at sewing doll clothes, but for now, I wanted to invest in a ... Read the Post