Meet My BJD Boy, Sebastian Yoshiro (Again!)

Oddly enough, I have been feeling meh about my entire doll collection..including my precious resin ball jointed dolls. My interest in certain dolls rise and fall like the tides, but I never expected these feelings to surface towards my BJD collection. After chatting with members on the Den of Angels BJD forum, I got some ideas to spark my passion for dolls again. One of the suggestions was to ... Read the Post

Affordable BJD Alternative: ICY Fortune Days Princess Dolls

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by ICY Fortune Days company in exchange for my review and honest opinion. Links in this post are not affiliate links; no monetary compensation is had when/if you decide to purchase! With the holidays around the corner and 2020 posing a special circumstance for usual gift shopping; saving money is at the top of everyone's gift list this year. Even if ... Read the Post

Why diversity is important in the Reborn Doll Industry

If you have been aware of the social climate in the last few months, you know that the world has been awakened with trailblazers crusading for justice and equality. However, it is not just now that this call for diversity and representation has been made in the Reborn Doll community. This topic has been on the table for discussion for quite some time. As a whole, sculptors, artists and doll ... Read the Post