Welcome home, Mallory Nicole!

Happy July everyone :) Over the long holiday weekend I took time to relax and take some much needed time for myself. On Friday, I took a vacation day and spent it at the hair salon, getting box braids installed. Six or so hours later and I feel like a new woman! Box braids are probably my favorite Summertime hair style (or any time, really). Another thing I got to enjoy doing was loving on my ... Read the Post

My Dumpster Fire Collection

NOTE: All images in this post are rightfully owned by 100% Soft. These are NOT my original photos. :) The collector in me could not ignore this adorable vinyl figure any longer! My fiancé (fondly known as Reborn Daddy), introduced me to this last year...when the world was literally a metaphoric dumpster fire! I fell in love with them, but didn't decide to collect any of my own. Well, that is ... Read the Post

Reborn Baby Keepsakes

As if adopting a reborn baby wasn't excitement enough; the keepsakes are always my favorite! Receiving such a beautiful work of art is a special time made even more memorable when you have small reminders left from that day you opened up your new doll. Reborn baby keepsakes can also be special items you purchased yourself for your doll while you waited on it's arrival! Today, I'm sharing my reborn ... Read the Post