Hobby vs. Community: What’s the difference?

My two love birds, Sebastian (Bash) and Mei Mei. Sebastian is an authentic LUTS Senior Delf Loid and Mei is a recast (replica) Volks Lieselotte. Forbidden love, some would say. If you've been in the reborn doll hobby or ball jointed doll hobby for awhile, I'm sure you have felt the shift in things lately. Everywhere on social media seems to be involved in an on-going debate over fake/real ... Read the Post

Goodbye To The Doll Nursery

Hey doll friends :) In my YouTube video, I'm Back! I talked about the changes I was making to my doll space as well as my collections. Today, I wanted to show you all how my redesigned art studio space is coming along. I decided to revamp my "doll room" to make it geared more towards my art profession and what I aim to accomplish with my artwork this year. In order for me to excel in my art ... Read the Post

Meet Mei Mei

About two weeks ago, I shared my video Unboxing: My First SD Size BJD, in which I shared happy mail for my two new large sized ball jointed doll girls. Today, I am introducing one of my girls to you as her look is now fully complete! I'm so happy with how she came Shout out to my fiancé for helping me choose a sweet name for her :) Meet my BJD SD girl, Mei-mei Since the box opening, the ... Read the Post