Welcome Home, Mila: A Reborn Adoption Story

Happy weekend, to you all! :) What better way to start off my weekend, than with the welcoming of a new reborn baby to my doll collection?! When the year started, I never expected to add more than one reborn babe to the bunch...Here it is April and I've gotten not one but two reborn baby girls in this month! I am so grateful I was able to do so. I wanted to share a little background on how ... Read the Post

Reborn Expecting: My Doll Family Is Growing!

I have been enjoying my reborn baby Robyn so much, the passion for reborn dolls has been renewed. Towards the end of 2019, I felt a decline in my interest for reborn dolls. After having to sell quite a few of my favorites due to financial circumstances, I was a bit down. Nevertheless, I knew that my reborn doll collection would flourish again (I just didn't know when). In that time, I put most of ... Read the Post

Welcome Home, Robyn Cassidy!

Happy weekend, doll lovers! I apologize for being so behind on updating the blog. As you know, the world has been in a state of pandemic with the virus of COVID-19 effecting everyone's lives. My routines in life (along with many others) has changes; resulting in a lot of adjusting when it comes to schedules for work, family and free time. I will do my best to make my usual, weekly updates. I've ... Read the Post