Happy International Lolita Day 2019

Today is a fun day for me, it is International Lolita Day! If you've been following me for awhile, you know that I have wanted to get into the Japanese street fashion of Lolita for a long time. As of October last year, I acquired my first dress in this fashion and I have been giggly with happiness ever since. This is my first time celebrating ILD, so I am pretty excited about ... Read the Post

My New Oscar Doll Eyes

Recently, I have been thinking about what's next on my Wishlist. I love making lists and checking things off. Although, my interests and items change a lot, some of them will forever be holy grail items. You know? Something you have wanted for a really long time, or even are in the process of saving up for. Today, I get to check one more item off of my list.. a pair of Oscar Doll Eyes! Oscar ... Read the Post

Meet My New BJD Girl, Yoko!

I couldn't be more excited to be creating this very post! This past week, my dream ball jointed doll arrived in the mail! Even though I received Miyoami (MYOU 1/4 Delia) in the mail in February, this doll was actually my 1st BJD purchase. Seeing as how this doll was made-to-order and came directly from the company, I had to wait quite awhile for her arrival. Since 2015, I have always wanted to own ... Read the Post