The End Of Custom Reborn Dolls?

Featured: Reborn dolls by Artist Mary Kate McCormack of Hill Country Reborn Tots Things are changing on the reborn doll scene for collectors as well as artists. In the last few years, I've seen a lot of artists become worn down from the craft of reborn dolls and just don't enjoy the business as much as they used to. Instead of abandoning the art form altogether (which I am so glad they ... Read the Post

What My Family Thinks Of My Doll Hobby

Today’s post was inspired by questions I received for my recent Q&A Video with Reborn Daddy. Thank you so much to all of my Instagram followers who submitted questions; it was fun to answer them! :) So, what does my family think of my Reborn, Blythes and BJDs? In general, they are OK or indifferent to it. For the most part, they are a loving and supportive toward me (and anything ... Read the Post

Dollie Plans, Video Games and What I’m Doing

Happy Friday, Dollie lovers! I have made it through another work week and I welcome the weekend with open arms. :) I hope everyone has a had a great week, as well. I wanted to check in and let you all know my thoughts and tell you what I've been up to. Future Dollie Adoption Plans I have no immediate plans for my Blythe doll collection or BJDs, but I always day dream about expanding! ... Read the Post