My 30 Day Gaming Challenge

I've decided to add a new category to this blog called Video Gaming. I find myself thinking about it and enjoying it more these days, so why not continue sharing my thoughts here! Over the last couple of weeks I have downloaded a few new games, which I talked some in my Nintendo Switch Favorites for this month. Today I wanted to share with you the idea that I came up with for myself... A 30-Day ... Read the Post

Nintendo Switch Favorites February 2021

Hey doll friends :) You may have noticed things have been quiet on my YouTube Channel lately. Last week I underwent oral surgery. In my anxious state I forgot all about planning videos ahead, so I am on a bit of a hiatus until I can get to recording again. During my time recovering, I found I was free to enjoy my Nintendo Switch more! I purchased the limited edition Animal Crossing Nintendo ... Read the Post

Are silicones the new reborn doll?

Before I dive into the topic of this post, I wanted to formally welcome and introduce my newest addition to the website! This cutie was a surprise Christmas gift from my dear friend, Janae of J & J Babies. She actually arrived before Wilhelmina did, but posting her arrival here completely slipped my mind! This full body silicone baby arrived to me with no name and the intent of me being ... Read the Post