Meet my BJD girl, Behr!

Excuse Behr's lashes! They got crushed when I had her stored away while we moved :( Once I am back and settled into my home again, one of the things I am most looking forward to is unpacking my dolls and making videos for the ones that haven't made their debut onto my YouTube channel yet. For now, I'll be introducing them here (as I always do). Today, I'm talking about my sweet animal girl, ... Read the Post

My Thoughts on The Doll Community

Happy New Year, dollie lovers! I hope anyone who's passing by my blog reading this is on their way to having a beautiful new start to 2022. In the world at large, it honestly seems a bit rough, but I am still optimistic that things can change around for the better in an instant. This year, I am working to change my own way of thinking so as not to be so negative and fuel any bouts of depression ... Read the Post

Tips on Shopping with

Happy Monday, doll friends :) I hope everyone is having a good start to their week. Recently, I've gotten much interest and commentary on my last post discussing my first experience with I thought I'd revisit this topic and share my tips for shopping on this website. DISCLAIMER - This post is not to be intended as a user-guide for navigating the website This post is ... Read the Post