WIP: It’s A Baby Girl!

I’m back with another Work In Progress update for you all! When I was expecting Song from her artist, I updated you briefly on the second baby girl that I was expecting. I’m here today with more progress of her.

The unpainted sculpt and COA for LouLou by Joanna Kazmierczak

If you didn’t catch my last WIP update, this baby girl is the LouLou sculpt by Joanna Kazmierczak. My friend Lauren Speech-Green of Pura Vida Babies is doing me the honor of painting her and bringing her to life! I’ve admired Lauren and her work from the very start of her business a few years ago; we became fast friends over our love of reborn babies πŸ™‚ As Lauren progressed with her painting, I agreed to have her made a bit darker than I originally planned and I am very much in love with how she is coming along. I can’t wait to have her home! Having a smaller baby in my collection is going to be fun.

I will post more updates of her as she nears completion, along with my name ideas in my next post!

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