Baby Fashion Haul: Carter’s Child of Mine

If there is one thing I love, it is fashion. Wether it’s plus size clothing for myself or adorable baby wear; I love it! In the last year or so, my one-stop-shop at Wal-Mart has becoming more frequent (yikes!) I often find myself going there for work research, but I always end up coming out with a baby purchase, too. πŸ™‚ (Shhh! Don’t tell my fiancΓ©…)

I have been really loving the latest Child of Mine brand items as well as the new Fall season items by Giranimals. These two brands are exclusive to Wal-Mart as far as I know; so check out your local! On my last few visits I’ve picked up (somewhat) fall inspired clothing for Tuesday, Truett and Trevor. 8)

Photo Credits: // Carter’s

Child of Mine by Carter’s

I’ve always been fond of Carter’s brand. If I had a child of my own, I am pretty sure I’d buy this brand for him or her as well. Their 2-3 piece clothing sets are so cute for both Fall, Winter and my favorite; Summer! Lately, I have been checking out what I call the mix-and-match layette sets. These usually come in separate pieces like:

  • 3 Piece Onsie Sets
  • 2 Piece Pant Sets
  • 3 Piece Bib Sets
  • 6 Piece Socks
  • 2-3 Piece Headbands
  • 2 Piece Mittens
  • Crib Shoes
Photo Credits: // Carter’s

These separates all come in coordinating prints and color schemes. They make great baby gifts as well for boy, girl or those wanting gender neutral items. After falling in love with mustard yellow last year, I had to get this yellow floral t themed set for Trudy and later, I found this adorable Dino set. The softer and more muted color tones of this Dino set are pretty cute and different from what I’ve seen before. (My last dinosaur themed set I bought Trevor was a black, gray and lime green!).

Photo Credits: // Carter’s

I love Child of Mine so much I am considering having a clothing sale of the majority of the small reborn baby’s clothes, so I can refresh the wardrobe with all Carter’s ❗

Lastly, I’d like to mention that you don’t always have to shop brand new from the store to get great quality items. Lately, I have purchased quite a bit of new wardrobe pieces for reborn baby Trevor James, right on Instagram. Check out my haul video for more details!

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