Choosing A Gender For Your Reborn Doll

A Special Note About This Topic: I am very aware that in the world we live in today, gender roles and the varying degrees of gender are ever-changing, evolving and being defined by each individual. Each person deserves to be respected and represented as they so choose. However, in the Reborn doll hobby, gender is always followed by the "assignment at birth". These dolls are seen as real babies, ... Read the Post

Adopting Reborn Baby Hayden

Hey reborn friends :) It's been awhile since my last update so I am happy to post and catch you all up on what's going on in life. Home Update Things for us have been progressing at a snails pace when it comes to our home. It has been so frustrating dealing with our home insurer and get basic communication from them. I have spent countless hours e-mailing, calling and leaving messages ... Read the Post

How We Lost Our Home

It has taken me a bit of time to update all of social media, but I am finally ready to update here on the blog. If you follow me online, you know that Wednesday September 15th, I lost my home due to a downed tree. It has been such a roller coaster of emotions and navigating life from here. Sharing with my reborn doll family has always been a process of healing and comfort for me, so I'll continue ... Read the Post