What is a reborn doll waffle?

My latest addition...Sage Elise! A baby adopted via Reborn Waffle. (Reborn by Amanda VanHutch of Milly's Moon Nursery) Hey friends :) Today, I wanted to talk about Reborn Doll Waffles. What they are and the pros and cons for both the host and their participants. So, lets jump right in! :) Waffle is a code word for "Raffle" One thing to note straight away is that the term waffle is a code ... Read the Post

Spooky Games Wishlist October 2021

With everything going on in my personal life, I welcome the distraction of my Nintendo Switch video games. I've relied heavily on this device in the last year to help keep me calm and give me a break from the world's troubles. Dare I say video gaming has been therapeutic and a part of my self-care routine? :) Since it's October, I thought I'd share some games that are on my wishlist. These seem ... Read the Post

Choosing A Gender For Your Reborn Doll

A Special Note About This Topic: I am very aware that in the world we live in today, gender roles and the varying degrees of gender are ever-changing, evolving and being defined by each individual. Each person deserves to be respected and represented as they so choose. However, in the Reborn doll hobby, gender is always followed by the "assignment at birth". These dolls are seen as real babies, ... Read the Post