WIP: Keiko by Jorja Pigott (Pura Vida Babies)

In the last few reborn doll adoptions I wasn't able to share any works in progress posts as they were ready-to-ship dolls. Today, I am able to showcase some progress with my newest baby! She/He is a custom vinyl reborn doll being created by my dear friend and talented reborn artist, Lauren Speech-Green of Pura Vida Babies! Helpful Tip: Want to know more about Pura Vida Babies work? Read this ... Read the Post

Is Legit? My Shopping Experience

For a Reborn Artist Review of Bonnet Babies Nursery by Daya Johnson, visit this post. Back in 2019, I posted a video on reliable places to shop for reborn dolls. In this video I highlighted the most popular places being Facebook (and reborn related Facebook groups), Ebay and Etsy. In the comments someone asked about the legitimacy of a website called At the time, I had not heard ... Read the Post

Reborn Doll Artist To Buy From in 2021

The most asked question I have receive lately is in relation to reborn doll artists, specifically. Who is the best? What artists are available for custom doll orders and so on. In today's post I'd like to give a few artist recommendations for the current year of 2021. Please note, that an artist's availability may change without notice. Your best option for current information on any particular ... Read the Post