Pumpkin Doodle Babies Visits The Kansas Doll Show 2022

This weekend you can find Pumpkin Doodle Babies and Reborn Artist Kory Fann at the 2022 Kansas Doll Show in Wichita, KS! How exciting would it it be to purchase your very own reborn baby or toddler in person at the doll show, and meet the artist live. Mrs. Fan will also be accepting custom doll orders at the show. Use my coupon code DOLLIELOVE for a discount of $100 on your purchase! You ... Read the Post

Summer 2022 Lookbook with Mallory

Update: Since the creation of this post, Mallory has sense left my collection and found herself a new home! I still wanted to share these looks though, because her pictures came out so cute :) Summertime is not my favorite when it comes to scorching Louisiana temperatures or Hurricane season, but it tops the rest when it comes to reborn baby fashion! My favorite style of clothing to dress my ... Read the Post

Tabitha Is Back Home!

Hey doll friends :) It has been two weeks since Tapanga Mallory returned home to my reborn doll collection. I wanted to share more about this beautiful reborn toddler doll and how she has found her way back home to me! If you haven't watched her unboxing video, you can check it out here: Guess Who's Back?! on my YouTube Channel, DollieLovex3. How The Story Begins... I purchased this ... Read the Post