Baby Fashion Haul: Carter’s Child of Mine

If there is one thing I love, it is fashion. Wether it's plus size clothing for myself or adorable baby wear; I love it! In the last year or so, my one-stop-shop at Wal-Mart has becoming more frequent (yikes!) I often find myself going there for work research, but I always end up coming out with a baby purchase, too. :) (Shhh! Don't tell my fiancé...) I have been really loving the latest Child ... Read the Post

Buying BJDs: Brand New vs. Second Hand

Hey dollie lovers! Today, I wanted to talk about purchasing BJDs and the pros and cons of buying brand new from the company or local dealer, versus second-hand market. I came across this post on DoA forum and wanted to share my thoughts with you to help those who are interested in the hobby to make the best decision for them. I have been on both sides of the fence for purchases and I feel I have a ... Read the Post

Meet my new BJD boy, Bash!

Since February and adopting my first BJDs I've learned my likes and dislikes. With that being said, Miyoami, one of my first purchases has since found a new home for herself and now I welcome in a new resin character to my dollie family. Meet, Sebastian Yoshiro :D Welcome Home, Bash! For starters, this boy is is a large SD sized doll measuring about 62cm (23-24in.); a huge contrast to ... Read the Post