Are silicones the new reborn doll?

Before I dive into the topic of this post, I wanted to formally welcome and introduce my newest addition to the website! This cutie was a surprise Christmas gift from my dear friend, Janae of J & J Babies. She actually arrived before Wilhelmina did, but posting her arrival here completely slipped my mind!

This full body silicone baby arrived to me with no name and the intent of me being her babysitter. This silicone was the first Janae had ever painted; quite an experience for a reborn artist! I had been talking a lot about silicone dolls with Janae and she had the idea to send me hers that I may get a feel for them and see if I’d want to adopt one in the future. Silicones are such a large investment, with costs reaching well over $2,000 USD! I couldn’t imagine investing in one without knowing just what to expect. This was a great way for me to see what they were all about, with no risk!

Little did I know, Janae was testing me to see if I’d fall in love with her…as she was a special gift to me for the Christmas 2020 holiday! I could hardly believe it! I’ll be sharing my experience as a first time silicone reborn Mom soon, but for now…welcome home Ellory Grace! I wanted a sweet name for my little one. My grandmother was named Elsie D and I wanted something similar, so Ellory G it is!

Now that Ellory’s introduction is made I can move forward with the reasoning behind this post. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about vinyl reborn dolls vs. silicone dolls and I couldn’t hold back a post any longer after seeing reborn/silicone artist Cat Johnson’s recent post about the topic:

Photo Credits: Cat Creations Reborns & Silicones

It seems more and more collectors are coveting the silicone doll over the vinyl and I notice a lot of reborn doll artists are trying their hand at silicone painting, too. Aside from the demand for silicone being so high, I wonder what else is the driving cause? The cost to start learning to reborn dolls is a high one, silicone is even double the cost. They aren’t affordable to obtain as an artist or a collector, for that matter. It really puzzles me…

Overall, I don’t think I’ll be hopping on the silicone train any time soon. I am very happy to have Ellory; she’s such a little blessing! However, investing in one doesn’t seem to be a part of my future.

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