An Unexpected Reborn Addition

Happy Monday 🙂

I have some exciting and very unexpected news to share. I am awaiting a new reborn baby..and it’s a girl! I honestly had no plans in expanding my reborn doll collection this year. My focus was to be on my ball jointed doll family, however this cutie crossed my timeline looking for a new Mommy and I was in the right place at the right time. I had been casually interested in buying a new doll but I was pretty set on it being another Realborn Johannah Asleep sculpt. I just love her little face and nose! Nevertheless, this Realborn Ever Asleep pulled at my heart and I was in a position to adopt her. Thank you so much to Yvonne on Instagram (@lifewith_lianna_nreborns) for allowing me to purchased her second-hand.

This beauty was created by artist Jennifer Lincavicks of IncredaBabies Art. I am not familiar with her or her work but from what I can tell, she is very talented!

I’m super excited the Easter Bunny will be dropping off this little egg to me 🙂 Hopefully she will ship soon and arrive by the weekend. I think this is just what I needed to get excited again about creating YouTube content. We shall see!

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