Affordable BJD Alternative: ICY Fortune Days Princess Dolls

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by ICY Fortune Days company in exchange for my review and honest opinion. Links in this post are not affiliate links; no monetary compensation is had when/if you decide to purchase!

With the holidays around the corner and 2020 posing a special circumstance for usual gift shopping; saving money is at the top of everyone’s gift list this year. Even if you’re in the market for a gift for yourself, you may not want to go completely broke on a new doll collecting venture. In this post, I am showing you all a great alternative BJD option that won’t burst your budget. If you’re interested, keep reading below! You may also view my YouTube video review here.

If you’ve done any amount of research on authentic, resin cast ball jointed dolls, you know that they can range in price anywhere from $100-700 depending on size and other factors. Today, I wanted to share with you an affordable option. A doll that has the articulated limbs you’re interested in, without the hefty price tag. Meet Teresa, an Icy Fortune Days princess doll from their Diary Queen line!

Teresa is an 18″ (1/4 scale) articulated doll from the Diary Queen line offered by Icy Fortune Days. She is made of ABS and PVC plastics, with jointed limbs and interchangeable hand parts. Her hair is rooted into the scalp with soft synthetic fibers. Teresa has a lovely painted face and inset acrylic eyes that feature applied eyelashes. This doll comes with a full outfit, shoes and accessory for only $59-$60 USD. She can be purchased online at You may also find other articulated dolls in varying sizes from this company at their Fortune Days Toys shop on AliExpress.


  • Affordable price point
  • Full set outfit with accessories
  • Soft synthetic hair
  • Inset acrylic eyes with lashes
  • Beautifully painted face
  • Interchangeable hand parts
  • Posable articulated limbs


  • Lightweight
  • Loose hand parts
  • Non-removable hair
  • Non-removable eyes
  • Non-removable feet
  • Easily stained

Final Thoughts

Rating: 5/5

Overall, I am really impressed with this doll and I think it makes a great alternative option to expensive resin BJDs! Having these dolls would make for beautiful display in any doll collection. The pros outweigh the cons here, but it is worth mentioning that this is not a resin cast BJD, so do not expect one. For this affordable price, you receive a lovely articulated AVS/PCV plastics doll. The pose-ability on the Diary Queen doll is quite amazing; even better than some of my heavier resin ball jointed dolls. The hands can be loose and easily removed, so be careful. I do wish the feet were interchangeable with heeled feet option; especially since she comes with heeled shoes. Flat footed dolls with heeled shoes are not the best fit, but you are able to get the shoes on and she can stand in them. 🙂 Her hair is soft and silky, but it is not removable, like most BJDs so she is committed to having this hair. Nevertheless, the synthetic fiber hair is very soft and easy to style. (The Dream Fairy doll line in the 1/3 size by ICY Fortune Days, does offer a removable wig, though!)

In terms of size, she is relatively true-to-size. A bit taller and slimmer than most standard MSD sized dolls. She does fit my MSD’s clothing and shoes! She can stand, without needing a doll stand which is awesome for such a lightweight doll. I think she is beautiful! These dolls are also great if you’re interested in trying pricier resin BJDs, but not sure about how you will enjoy the size ranges. For an affordable price, you can have a great quality doll. I look forward to seeing more of what ICY Fortune Dolls has to offer!

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