Adopting Reborn Baby Hayden

Hey reborn friends 🙂

It’s been awhile since my last update so I am happy to post and catch you all up on what’s going on in life.

Home Update

Things for us have been progressing at a snails pace when it comes to our home. It has been so frustrating dealing with our home insurer and get basic communication from them. I have spent countless hours e-mailing, calling and leaving messages with no response. After contacting the Better Business Bureau and the state’s Department of Insurance, I’ve had a little bit more communication happen. It really is shameful to spend so much money on insurance and then when you are in need of their services it is a struggle to get the aid you paid for. Needless to say, it’s been quite stressful. At the moment, I am staying at a hotel and wondering where the next place we will land will be.

In the last couple of weeks, the downed tree has been removed from the house and a construction team has began the demolition process of 3/4 of the damaged property. I feel so heartbroken walking through my empty shell of a house not knowing when or how things will get back to normal. Friends and family have asked me, “What would you like to happen with the insurance?” Honestly, I want to just move on be able to purchase a new home in different location. I feel like so much has been lost already with this home that it is just tainted. I want a fresh new start with new memories to be made. Ultimately, that would be my preferred outcome. For now, I am just praying and doing the best I can to navigate this situation.

So for now, it’s a waiting game and praying game!

Dolly Adoptions + News

Recently, reborn baby Caleb (my red haired Johanna Asleep sculpt boy) has found a new home to go to. I actually had been debating on the idea of putting him up for adoption for a long while. I decided officially he would be leaving my collection when I came across a reborn baby for sale that I thought I’d never have the opportunity to adopt. Over a year ago the talented artist Vincenzina Care, of Chenza’s Dolls, debuted the first vinyl reborn doll sculpt that was depicted as having Achondroplasia Dwarfism; Nino. I missed out on purchasing this limited edition kit (only 200). Because of the rarity of this sculpt, as you can imagine the finished reborn dolls can be quite pricey. On I came across a Nino sculpt by Pumpkin Sparkles Babies that was being sold second-hand. I had been visiting this doll listing for a few days before making a move. I knew if he sold I’d be I went for it and so glad I did. I wanted my Nino sculpt to be a little girl. Introducing…Hayden Rose !


I’m so happy and lucky to have little Hayden in my collection. I chose her middle name Rose to honor my late grandmother whom I recently lost (September 20th. Yea, life is really hard for me right now). A special reborn baby who came into my life at a very special and memorable moment.

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