Welcome to Dollie Love! This blog is my outlet for discussing doll topics from how to get started in the doll hobby to where to find the cutest doll clothes. Currently I collect Reborn Dolls, customized Blythe dolls and as of Summer 2019, resin Ball-Jointed Dolls! Aside from my doll hobby, I’m a lover of Japanese street fashions and all things kawaii! I post weekly Youtube videos on my doll channel, DollieLovex3 and make frequent posts on Instagram @DollieLovex3. Check it out!

About The Collector

My name is Tamara and I love dolls! I’ve been collecting reborn baby dolls since 2009, but my story begins as a little girl suffering with severe Asthma. A lot of childhood past times, like playing with teddy bears and pets were off limits for me and my Asthma. The only safe option for me were dolls. Years later, my Asthma has improved and became easier to manage but my love for dolls has grown..just as I did!

My Loves

A few of my faves

Watercolor Painting – Pastel Rainbow – Video Games – Rose Gold – Morganite/Moissanite – Makeup – Plushies – Soft Fuzzy Socks – Lolita – Colorful Wigs – Enamel Pens – Anime – Hello Kitty – Petticoats – Tarot Cards – Sweet Ice Tea – Historical Fiction – Cosplay – Affordable Glam – Tufted Furniture – Marble & Granite – Crystals – Ugly Christmas Sweaters – Traveler’s Notebooks – Mustangs & Jeep Wranglers

Random Fun Facts

  • I’m a sorority girl!
  • I had closed heart surgery at age 1
  • My first reborn doll was purchased on Ebay for only $90.
  • I got my driver’s license at age 27-28. (Yea, not long ago…)
  • My name is Russian, but means palm tree in Hebrew.
  • I have one sibling who’s 6 1/2 years older than I am.
  • Pink wasn’t my favorite color until I was in my 20’s (it was Blue)
  • On my right hand, I am missing a knuckle (crazy, right?)
  • Despite loving all things glam and girly, I rarely have my nails done
  • I run a doll YouTube channel, DollieLovex3 with 40,000+ subscribers (I’m pretty proud of that!)