30-Day Review: Super Crush K.O.

Now that we have entered a new month, its time for me to share my March 2021 gaming experience with Super Crush K.O.!

Super Crush K.O. was one of my first Nintendo Switch games that I eagerly purchased after receiving my console. This independent game (indie game) was published and developed by Vertex Pop and released January 2020 on the Nintendo eShop for $14.99 USD. This game is categorized as an action platform game with arcade style fighting.


The story line of this game is based upon you, Karen, the main character who feverishly fights off evil android demons to save your beloved cat, Chubbz. The culprit who leads this evil kidnapping is the alien villain Ann. (Sadly, the character names are bland which is a weird contrast between the awesome comic art style…but maybe that was intentional?)


In a colorful, futuristic style city scape, you work your way through levels of each city fighting robots and demolishing bosses at the end of each level. Periodic checkpoints through out the level will save your progress for the round as well as reward you with 1 health heart. Overall, you have five (5) chances to complete a level before the death skull rings Game Over (at which you start the level back from scratch). Health is measured in heart icons. You have four in total; naturally if you reach the last one you’re dead meat! There is also indicators for ammunition and the special power move. Play through for this game was enjoyable. There was no long wait on loading screens and I liked the funny comic style cut scenes that progressed the story line. This game also has great potential for replay-ability as there is a built-in leader board that keeps track of time, personal damage and combos.


The mechanics of the game is fairly simple when it comes to what you can do in terms of attack. If you’re a casual gamer, it may take a little getting used to, to put all your attack moves together to create combos. Nevertheless, the first part of the game is a thorough tutorial on how it all works and what it all means. I greatly appreciated that aspect. Attacks are graded from A (great!) to D (poorly) based on combos used and how long you can keep fighting off the enemy without taking damage. If you’re playing through the game on the first go, I wouldn’t worry much about this, but its definitely a key to getting your name on the Leaderboard if you’re a completionist type of gamer.

One attack, this super beam is vital to have! When timed correctly, you can clear the screen of enemies in one foul swoop.


Rating: 10 / 10

I really enjoyed this game! Even though I didn’t make it as far along as I’d like, I do plan to return to it when I am in the mood for more action. The graphics are beautiful, the storyline and comic style is funny and the mechanics are easy to pick up on. I enjoy seeing what challenge lies just ahead on each level. What’s even better is that it’s affordable and can be found on the Nintendo eShop under going sales frequently.

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