2019 Year’s End Dollie Lineup

Happy Holidays, Dollie Lovers!

I hope each and every one of you had a blessed and safe Christmas celebration! Reborn Daddy and I spent the holiday visiting family and I couldn’t be happier.

Today I wanted to do an overview of my current collection. So much has changed for me in this year and that includes dolls leaving and joining my collection. I know, sometimes it is hard to keep them all straight, so I am introducing a Dollie Lineup. These posts will be focused on over viewing my entire doll collection after a period of time to see who we have and what plans I have up my sleeve for the future.

Reborn Dolls

I’m starting the Dollie Lineup with my beloved reborn dolls as they are the main focus for a lot of my viewers. For details on each doll, visit the My Dolls gallery. In my Reborn Doll Collection I have:

Truett MichelleElyse sculpt by Cassie Brace // Reborn Artist Cat Johnson

Trevor JamesEvelyn sculpt by Cassie Brace // Reborn Artist Jody Slater

Trace WadeThomas Asleep sculpt by Bountiful Baby //Reborn Artist Janae Avery

From here on out, I will most likely not be featuring Trace on my blog or my YouTube channel. Trace was a gift from my dear friend, Janae. I keep him safely on display πŸ™‚

Blythe Dolls

I feel as if my entrance into the Blyth doll hobby was transitional period before I ultimately arrived at ball jointed dolls. Since realizing this, I have slimmed down my collection to my absolute favorite girl, Melanie. I don’t plan on adding any new girls to this solo-show for now. I am enjoying spoiling this cutie on her own.

Melanie Blythe – by Irina of Alisa’s Dolls Land

Ball Jointed Dolls

I’m not sure if it’s because these babies are “shiny and new” to my collection, or not, but I have been absolutely obsessed with BJDs (even more so than my Reborns and Blythes). I have waited and researched so long for them and now, I am finally apart of this hobby. These resin made dolls are the most recent to my doll collection. I’m currently coming up with a storyline for my them, along with their friends who I will also adopt dolls for their characters. You can check out the other characters I am building along with a bit of backstory in my Stories section.

Yoko Kitagawa – LUTS Kid Delf Muhwa

Sebastian Yoshiro – LUTS Senior Delf Loid

That about wraps up my latest collection update! So, what’s in the future for my collection? Although, I have no real say over what may happen I do have dollie wishes for what I’d like to get into next. I would like to add on to my BJD Collection with a female bestie for Yoko (whom she can share all those clothes with!), one MSD boy as well as a cat-girl animal hybrid. There are at least two Ping Lau reborn sculpts I’d love to own, but I honestly don’t foresee me investing in any more reborns (or Blythe) soon. I’m excited to see what the future holds!

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